Rossi’s Pizza
17 Quakers Way
Quakertown, PA 18951

About Rossi’s Pizza

Rossi’s Pizza has been one of Quakertown’s go-to places for great pizza since 1975. In September of 2023, Rossi’s started a new chapter after it was sold. Rossi’s continues to be a cornerstone in the Quakertown area, and we’re committed to fresh, high end ingredients and great food. While you’ll see a gradual change in our look and feel when you walk in, we’re still committed to the same great pizza and Italian cuisine you’ve come to expect – plus a few improvements!

About Gus

My name is Konstantin Gus Korifidis, and I have been in the food business since age 12 when I started working at a local diner. I’ve been in the pizza business since age 17 when I started working full time as a high school student at Old English Style Pizza on L Street in Philadelphia.
It was two days after I graduated from high school when I walked the yellow footsteps at the Parris Island United States Marine Corps Depot. There I learned to work on “The Beast” – the CH 53 Sea Stallion Helicopter. After finishing my service in the Marine Corps, I planned to go to aviation school and pursue my dream of flying, but my father needed me to be his right hand man in opening a pizza shop. My aviation plans would have to wait and we opened Louis Pizza on B Street and Westmoreland in Philadelphia, building it from the ground up. I later acquired New Pizza Villa on Torresdale Ave in Philadelphia, and developed it into a successful place.

My aviation dream stayed alive, and in 2006 I enrolled at the Aviation Institute of Maintenance in Northeast Philadelphia, and studied there while operating the New Pizza Villa. Shortly after, my brother chose to take a second tour in the military, and we both joined the PA Army National Guard Reserves and He went to Iraq with his unit, and was one of the unfortunate ones who drove over an I.E.D and later died as a result of his wounds.

I returned from overseas to care for our mother and put my brother John to rest, and while still attempting to run a restaurant and continue in aviation, I had to let one go, and for a brief time I left the restaurant business. That lasted for a short, time, and I found myself wanting to do what I loved and had always loved – pizzas, and so we’re now here at Rossi’s, established in 1975… the year I began work in a diner.